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postres, tortas, dulces, sweet & dulce, cake, tequeños

From Passion to Sweet Creations

Sharing Love, One Dessert at a Time

Sweet and Dulce was born from a journey of discovery and a passion for baking. Yojana, an engineer turned baker, found solace in creating delicious desserts for her loved ones while adapting to a new life in Houston. With her mother by her side, they embarked on a culinary adventure, offering a wide range of delectable cakes and desserts made with the finest ingredients and a whole lot of love.

Crafting Joyful Moments

At Sweet and Dulce, our mission is to create desserts that go beyond taste, becoming an integral part of cherished memories. We pour our heart and soul into every sweet creation, striving to evoke smiles, delight taste buds, and leave a lasting impression. We believe that life's special moments deserve to be celebrated with the perfect slice of happiness.


The Sweet Artisans Behind the Magic

 Creating Sweet Masterpieces with Love

postres, tortas, dulces, sweet & dulce, cake, tequeños

Founder and Head Baker

Cake Decorator.


postres, tortas, dulces, sweet & dulce, cake, tequeños

Master of Flavors and Cake Decorator


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